Gem Stone Slabs

Gem Stone Slabs

We have adopted several methods for making safe and hassle-free payments. The customers get both offline and online options to make payment to us. The company has segregated its infrastructure into several units and one of them is packaging unit wherein we meticulously pack our products for ensuring safe and secure deliveries. We offer a wide array of Gem Stone Slabs available in various colors like blue, black, green, yellow etc.

  • Semi Precous Sodalite Slab 01

  • Semi Precous Sodalite Slab 02

  • Semi Precious Sodalite Slab 03

  • Acajou Obsidian Slab

  • Amethys Light Back Lit View

  • Amethys Light Regular View

  • Amethyst

  • Black Oxygen Slab

  • Carnelian

  • Carnelian Back Lit

  • Chrysocolla Slab

  • Green Jasper Slab

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